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Meet Our Staff





Hajar Young, Executive Director



Rupert Rogers, Director of National Affairs



Sulaiman Robinson, Director of Programs



Khadijah Robinson, Director of Public Relations



Andrew "Choice" Hicks, Sr., Director of Marketing




Nashun Robinson, Director of Human Resources




Richard Cooper, Director of Information Technology Services



Jeanette Zakkee, Director of Publications



Amina Cisse Muhammad, Director of Communications






The �Shoes for Africa� project is near and dear to the heart of board member, Amina Cisse Muhammad, who lived with YES, Inc. founder Hajar Sall in Senegal. Her then 11-year old son, Sirri, was hospitalized upon his return to the United States in 1995 because, unbeknownst to her, he had contracted a foot-worm shortly before their departure. The doctor she took him to for treatment was alarmed by the possibility of �some strange African epidemic�. Against her wishes, he wanted to perform surgery until a specialist identified the foot ailment as one common even in America�s rural areas where children often walk and play barefoot in dirt contaminated by the feces of farm animals.


Grassroots efforts, integrity, and passion for the work.