Mission: To improve quality of life for African people by providing them with basic human necessities.

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Humanitarian Tours

Up Close and Personal Tours to Senegal, West Africa


Our humanitarian tours are designed to connect investors with investments. You will be able to explore ways to help the disadvantaged people of West Africa. At the same time you will experience numerous benefits the people of the area and region can provide to you.


Tours are 10-day excursions with the first one set or October 2010. We offer:

  • Micro financing

  • Locations on beachfront property

  • Information on economic development, water purification, electronics, and agriculture

Look for more information and promotion soon on Oprah, in Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, and Jet Magazine. For Tour information call 404-438-1991.



Motto: Want for your brother and sister what you want for yourself.