Mission: To improve quality of life for African people by providing them with basic human necessities.

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Media Coverage


The shoes we provide under our Shoes for Africa program, help to prevent parasitic infections in the feet that cause a variety of illnesses. These illnesses oftentimes prevent adults from being able to work and keep children from being able to attend school. An article about parasitic diseases was featured on National Public Radio (NPR) on their show called Morning Edition.


  This musical instrument is called a kora. The kora is a 21-string harp-lute used extensively by peoples in West Africa. A kora is built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin to make a resonator, and has a notched bridge like a lute or guitar. The sound of a kora resembles that of a harp, though when played in the traditional style, it bears a closer resemblance to flamenco guitar techniques. The player uses only the thumb and index finger of both hands to pluck the strings in polyrhythmic patterns (using the remaining fingers to hold the sticks either side of the strings and secure the instrument). Ostinato riffs ("Kumbeng") and improvised solo runs ("Biriminting") are played at the same time by skilled players.

We will be auctioning this item on eBay as a fundraiser. More information will be provided soon.

Participate in a eBay auction for an authentic African musical instrument.

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