YES, Inc., is an IRS-registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization established in 2005 to administer humanitarian projects. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for African people by providing them with basic human necessities.

Through our initial project, Shoes for Africa, we have focused on collecting new and gently-used shoes, and distributing them to those in need.

Since its founding in 2005, the success of YES, Inc. has been characterized by its high integrity and passion for humanitarian work, and its efforts to initiate projects at the grassroots level. Board od Directors


When Hajar Young moved to Senegal in 1986, little did she know that almost two decades later, she would found a humanitarian organization by the name of YES, Inc. Like many other African-Americans in the 80's, she and her husband sold their home, car and most of their personal belongings and traveled with their three young children to return to their roots. The experience was life-altering and, although the family eventually returned to the United States, Hajar's love for Africa continued.

While her stay in Senegal was mostly positive, Hajar ultimately developed a strong distaste for the living conditions endured by many. One particular vision that stayed with her was the sight of people men, women and children walking the hot, sandy roads barefoot.

The inspiration for Shoes for Africa actually occurred in 1989 when the family was departing for America and Sulaiman, then 12-years old, asked if he could leave his shoes with his friends who didn't have any.



Eighteen years and almost 20,000 pairs of shoes later, Sulaiman and his younger sister, Khadijah, and his older brother, Muhammad, have joined their mother on the Board of Directors of YES, Inc. along with long-time family friend, Abdul-Latif Muhammed, and his son, Yousef, and another former resident of Senegal, Amina Cisse Muhammad.

Possessing a combined total of over 80 years of experience in dealing with issues pertaining to Africa, all six directors share a common and deeply imbedded commitment to helping improve the living conditions of human beings throughout the world, particularly those in the United States and Africa. They are working very diligently to further organize and develop YES, Inc. in response to urgent socio-economic needs that they have identified on both continents despite their separation by vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

board of dorectors

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