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Food, clothing and shelter provide the strength, stability and independence that human beings need, and YES, INC.'s vision is a world where everyone has basic human necessities.

YES, INC. advocates access to proper housing, healthy food and adequate clothing.

Your financial support will help people continue building a better life.

A sound investment in the future of Africa.

Yes, Inc. builds much more than houses. Together, we are helping build:

  • Empowering people to help themselves

Yes, Inc. and American Brick Company is a partnership opportunity, not a give-away program-YES, INC.'s homeowner families make the bricks to build their own houses. Potential homeowners invest hundreds of hours of their own labor working alongside professional builders to construct their 1 or 2 bedrooms modern home. As a result, Yes, Inc. houses are affordable to low-income families.

Let's be cognizant that our mission is to empower not just Africans in Africa but also African Americans, Haitian Americans, people of African descent.

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