We thank you for your desire to volunteer your time or service to our organization. If you wish to assist us in some of our endeavors, please send us an email or call us at 404-438-1991.

10 Steps to Coordinating a Successful 'Gently Worn' or New Shoe Drive

  1. Contact Shoes for Africa at 404-438-1991. A Shoes for Africa representative will communicate with you via phone or email at info@yesshoesinc.org to cover shoe drive details.
  2. Secure a date to begin. Most shoe drives last around four weeks.
  3. Secure your drop-off locations at your place of worship, school, office or other facility. Secure a location to process the shoes (warehouse, gym, community building, etc.).
  4. Shoes for Africa can provide sample promotional materials such as posters, flyers for you to help promote your shoe drive.
  5. Suggest a $1 or $2.00 donation per pair to offset shipping cost.
  6. Feel free to use your local TV, radio, and newspaper to publicize the shoe drive.
  7. Process the collected shoes by placing a rubber band around each pair and place in boxes for shipping.
  8. Contact us for how to ship your shoes to us for transport to our warehouse.
  9. We will process the shoes and ship domestically/internationally.
  10. Publicize your results and express appreciation for everyone's participation.

Donate Cash for Freight

We are ALWAYS in need of cash for sending shipping containers around the world. You can donate online and receive a full tax credit for the donation.

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